Blog #3

What will your part be in your group presentation?

In the Race and Pop Culture group, we decided to be a “unified separation.” That’s the only way I can think of describing it. We will each look into a different avenue involving race and pop culture. Mine, specifically, is Comedy. Together, each of us will present our findings, discoveries, presentations, activities, etc. as separate sections under the chapter of the Race and Pop Culture Umbrella. The information we will work on together is the introduction and conclusion. This is to make sure that we are all on the same page… well, maybe separate pages, but in the same chapter. We will reference our Facebook group specifically created for this project. This will serve as our information bank, and will also contain references, links, etc. to our finals projects and presentations.

What will you make as contribution to your final project?

Specifically, my goal is to enter the realm of race and pop culture in regards to comedy. My original idea was to survey various videos of episodes, shorts, skits, podcasts, shows, etc. I will then research the artist’s process, and figure out what he/she did behind the scenes to create his/her work.

I will choose the videos that have different backgrounds as to how they were created. For example, some of these artists may have actually done their research whether it be through history, sociology, psychology, etc. Others may have just looked at a stereotype and decided to run with it.

With this information, I intend to interview people of different backgrounds to show them my discoveries and get their before and after reactions. The point of this documentary is to show people that some of these comedians go further than just a shallow stereotype. That it “takes one to know one.” That we need to understand. Appreciate. Go further than what the shallowness of the world tells us.


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