Blog #6

Introduction to my Unit:

My topic under Race and Pop Culture is humor. Humor is an important part of our course because it shows how we, as a society have evolved. It also discusses what could still be offensive to some, and serve as an educational lesson which would lead to a relaxed discussion on race and ethnicity. Questions I plan to cover are:

  • Why is it funny?
  • What about these comedy pieces do we like or dislike?
  • Is there something we find offensive?
  • If the research mentioned wasn’t known, then how would we feel about it?


Presentation of course Materials:

This list is (currently) an ever changing list. But so far here are some of the materials I hope to use:

  • “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” from Avenue Q
  • Good Hair starring Chris Rock
  • Interviews including Chris Rock
  • Scenes from How I met your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady are brothers in the show)

These materials will all show snippets of video most likely via Youtube.

After showing a clip of desired pieces, ask “Why is this funny?” Follow up with the research behind the comedy.

I plan to use a powerpoint type of presentation and provide link and citation for all of my resources. I also plan to link the presentation to my blog. This way my classmates will have access to the resources if they wish to look further.


A List of Public events

As far as this goes, I’m not entirely sure which I would like to use. I know that my group and I discussed have a group Twitter chat using a hashtag we came up with: #poprae. We had not talked about doing separate ones. I would like to bring this idea up to my group.


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